Our Ballyhoo summer shows are nearly upon us. This is a huge annual event for the whole school and most definitely the highlight of the year for the students.

Putting on a show involving such a lot of children is a huge task (not to mention expensive) and we have been working flat out for months with planning, choreography, costumes ,music, logistics and importantly making sure that we are working in line with the council rules and regulations. We have to ensure that each child is allocated a suitable dressing room with adequate DBS helpers and licensed chaperones so that they are cared for , safe and happy whilst you sit back and watch the performance.

It is not possible to do any of the above without the help of parent volunteers, so thanks so much to those of you who have already volunteered . There is still so much to do so if you can help in any way , even just labelling a few costumes , we would appreciate it so much.


We are now preparing the timetable for the on stage rehearsals .We will have this timetable ready for you by the end of the week. We only have access to practice on stage at certain times before the show and it is absolutely essential that all our performers are present at these rehearsals. All our students , especially those who are young or have never done a show before must be familiarised with the stage space ,the lights and sound, the wings etc. to help them understand what will happen on the day.

We appreciate that the on stage rehearsals will not be all on the usual days/ class times and that you will have to arrange to get your children to the theatre rather than the class venue, but with over 200 children to coordinate over just three evenings we hope that you can understand the need for flexibility and cooperation to ensure that your children have the most enjoyable and memorable experience possible . We only have access to the stage for rehearsals on Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th May so all rehearsals will be on these days. These sessions will be instead of the regular weekly classes so included in your terms fees.

If you have any questions please get in touch, but for now we thank you for your help and cooperation on getting the show ready !

Julie , Heidi and Jane